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-Why it was started.

-What you you want people to get out of it. 

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REAL Fun|REAL Life| REAL Memories.

Real Reflection creates a high-quality, unique photo booth rental experience. How many events have you attended that only give you props, you take a pic from the waist up and leave? Although that is fun, imagine standing in front of a mirror, and seeing the perfect picture and just SNAP moment captured. Real Reflection invested in a specific photo booth that does that and more! ​


The Mirror Me photo booth is a full-length mirror that is a fun, interactive, HIGHLY CUSTOMIZABLE, photo booth. Manufactured by Fotomaster, begin your experience with a "Touch to Start" screen. It captures more than your picture, it creates a lasting memory that you and your guests/friends and family can all reminisce on!


The most exciting aspects of the Mirror Me photo booth are it's personalization features and the fun animations throughout the experience. It will tell you to scream, smile, boomerang, and make a video. If you want even more guest interaction, customize the workflow to let your guests play games, all in one product! Forget using up all your cellular device space and use the Mirror to capture your full beauty!

About Real Reflection 

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